Welcome to Kitchen and Bath Ideas. We can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Renovating kitchens can be complicated and risky. We handle the frustrating practical details and help you make design decisions that will turn your ideas into the home you want.

Our History

Serving the kitchen and bath design, building and remodeling needs of greater Colorado Springs since 1990, Kitchen & Bath Ideas has been staying ahead of trends and setting the pace for over 30 years. With over 100 years experience in the kitchen design and cabinet industry, we’ve seen it all from rustic farmhouses to modern marvels fit for a show on Food Network.

We take a very hands on approach from start to finish, beginning with the kitchen design to an extensive cabinet selection to matching our clients with the right partner vendors to complete their home project. We have so many options available across the board that we’re truly only limited by your imagination. Beyond that, we have the most experience in the industry in Colorado Springs, so we’ve seen it all. Our success is derived mainly from addressing three key unmet needs in the home improvement industry.

1. Start-to-finish project support to simplify the process and minimize costly mistakes
2. Higher quality products so your house will be safe and durable
3. Excellent service so you know you and your home are in good hands

Our Innovative Approach

Accurate budget planning. “How much will it cost?” is almost always the first thing we’re asked and It’s really easy to make simple mistakes during the design phase that prove costly in the end, which leads to inaccurate budget planning.

We look at all of our projects as a partnership between you, the homeowner, our design team and our partner vendors and service providers. We only work with the best partners in Colorado Springs to ensure you get the most out of your home building or remodeling project.

On their own, cabinets, countertops and appliances are just paint, brushes and a canvas. Add the right artist and you wind up with a masterpiece. Let Kitchen & Bath Ideas help you create your masterpiece today!

About Clarke

My name is Clarke Coons and I was born and Cooperstown New York and have been living in Colorado Springs for 30 years. I’ve been a kitchen and bath designer for over 25 years. I always had an interest in wood working as well as home building as a kid, so once I finished college it was a natural fit that utilized my skills in a creative way.

I love the design process and seeing an idea come to life. The reaction you get when you take an idea out of someone’s head and make it real is an amazing thing.

"You have my personal guarantee that we will exceed your expectations from start to finish." ---Clarke Coons, Sales Designer