2020 is here! If you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen in the last five years or you’re living within a budget, chasing hot new trends might feel fleeting or impossible. However, there are ways for you to spruce up your most popular room in the house without breaking the bank. Here are ten kitchen design trends you can expect to see this year. Incorporating just one or two can give your kitchen that New Year glow!

The Kitchen Ceiling

An easy way to update your kitchen this year, without too much commitment or mess, is to have some fun with your ceiling. Essentially, the fifth wall in the room. Popular ideas include painting it with a pop of color, paneling it with wood, wallpapering, or adding a beautiful lantern or chandelier. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with your kitchen ceiling!

Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

If you do plan on redoing your kitchen cabinets this year, eco-friendly cabinets are not only trending but they’re also a great way to help the environment. Reclaimed wood is a great way to go if you’ll be taking the custom cabinet route. If you’re going pre-fab, consider brands that carry bamboo or even recycled plastic. 

Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to add some character to your kitchen this year. Botanical and floral designs are a big hit right now. They bring tranquility and lush landscape indoors. And if you prefer to stay away from permanent wallpaper, no problem! Go for a peel-and-stick graphic design backsplash that mimics Spanish tile. 

Mix-and-Match Kitchen Metals

Though clean, cohesive, uniform kitchens will never truly go out of style, mixing and matching is on the come up this year and isn’t hard to implement. Throw in some copper accents, like pots, pans, or silverware. Consider nickel knobs for your cabinetry and brass for your faucet or lighting fixtures.

Warm, Natural Wood Finishes

Don’t worry, stained and painted wood isn’t going anywhere fast. But, natural woods are growing in popularity. There’s something about natural wood that brings warmth to a space devoid of color. To add just a touch of the natural, consider switching out your island topper for a block of light wood or adding some open wooden shelves for extra storage and decoration. 

Open Shelving

Open shelves are becoming the talk of the town. They enable you to put your kitchenware, antiques, house plants, candles, glasses, or cookbooks on display in a beautiful way. Additionally, they make things easy to find! No more rummaging through top corner cabinets to find the paprika. Tip: Keep everyday items on the lowest shelf so they’re easy to reach. 

Farmhouse Sinks

This is one we’re really excited about because no one likes to do the dishes. But a beautiful, big standout sink can definitely make it a lot more enjoyable. From stainless steel to copper or granite, there are numerous standout sinks to choose from that will make your kitchen prettier and your life a little easier! 

Dark Countertops

White and grey kitchens have been increasingly prevalent over the last few years. While they’re still a mainstay, a great way to bring depth to your space is to replace your countertops with something a bit darker. Consider a butcher’s block or natural walnut. Aside from adding depth, dark countertops are also extremely durable compared to their light granite or linoleum counterparts. 

Two-Tone Cabinets

Like we’ve mentioned, 2020 is all about mixing things up a bit. Two-tone cabinets add a touch of contrast and adventure to an otherwise uniform kitchen. Navy on the bottom and white on top. Black island cabinets with white all around. A mixture of teal and natural wood. The options are endless! 

Colorful Kitchen Appliances 

If you’re in the market for a new oven or refrigerator, you’re in luck because bold-colored appliances are making a comeback. They’re a great way to add some color and character to your kitchen. Manufacturers have plenty to choose from-- scarlet, cobalt blue, emerald green, mustard yellow, and more. Have fun with it! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to do a complete kitchen remodel to keep up with what’s new in 2020. Simple add-ons or changes, like replacing your sink with a gorgeous copper farmhouse sink or adding a beautiful wallpaper to your ceiling can do the trick. But if you do plan on a total overhaul this year, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a designer before beginning any major renovation. The designers at Kitchen & Bath Ideas have a combined 100+ years experience. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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