Every year, the best new trends for kitchen and bath designs come out, and this year’s are sure to please. Take a look at these top five kitchen design trends you can expect to see more of in 2022.

Green Hues

But not just any green. Specifically, hues that are more natural, such as sage, olive, or mint green. Neutral and calming, these soft greens are great options for cabinetry, backsplashes, and even appliances. As the world moves toward sustainability, we can expect more earth tones like these to make their way into designs.

Statement Islands

If you have the space for it, an island can become the focal point of your kitchen and make an outstanding statement. This year’s designs are kicking it up a notch by splitting the island into two, so you can have space for different purposes! You can place the islands together and raise one higher than the other, or separate them and place them next to each other with an aisle in between. This design allows you to add bar seating to one and a sink and extra counter space to the other.

Layered or Textured Surfaces

Texture is a great way to bring depth to your kitchen. It’s also a great way to make your kitchen unique and special to you. By layering tactile materials, such as various types of wood, metals, concrete, stones, and more, you can bring elegance and personality to any space. 

Rounded Edges

If you’ve been in any boutique stores or restaurants recently, you may have noticed that round edges are popping up everywhere. Rounded archways, rounded table corners, and rounded fixtures, chairs, or appliances can bring a sense of calm and whimsy to the most frequented room in your home–your kitchen. 

Unique Patterns 

Whether it’s uniquely shaped tiles or uniquely patterned floors, unique patterns are in. Three-dimensional scalloped or ribbed cabinetry as well as geometric patterned tiles are a beautiful way to bring depth and variety to your kitchen without overwhelming the senses. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hoping to do a complete kitchen remodel or just a few renovations, we highly recommend that you consult a designer before beginning your project. The designers at Kitchen & Bath Ideas have a combined 100+ years of experience to help make your dream home both functional and affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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