As we continue learning about the threats of climate change, we’re understanding more and more how important it is to take care of our environment on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are things we can do individually to help protect Mother Earth. Here are 5 tips to make your kitchen a little more green.

Natural Cleaners 

Everyday cleaning products, such as dish detergent and surface cleaners, are full of toxic ingredients that get into our water and the air we breathe. Thankfully, more and more green cleaning products are becoming available. These products are non-toxic, plant-based, and biodegradable. That’s good for you, your family, and the environment–it’s a win, win, win!

Shop Local

Local farmers’ markets are a great way to support your community as well as combat pollution. By buying locally, you eliminate the need for trucks to deliver food to a conventional grocery store. This prevents pollution from all those travel miles be added to our air. Even organic items can come from all over the world! So, whenever possible, choose locally sourced farm to table. 

Energy-efficient Appliances 

From stoves to refrigerators to dishwashers, all appliances are available in energy-efficient models. When purchasing new appliances, look for the appliance’s Energy Star rating. This will tell you whether the appliance meets the federally-mandated guidelines for energy efficiency. 

Durable Cookware

Did you know that a cast-iron skillet can help the environment? Literally, this one item can be passed down in your family tree and last for generations–reducing waste and cooking delicious food. Other great cookware options include stainless steel, high-quality knives, and reusable cloth towels that can be used in place of paper towels. 

Reusable Waste

There is so much we can do to reduce waste. By bringing your own shopping bags and buying fresh, you can really cut down on unnecessary packaging. Also, pay attention to how much food you throw away. If you regularly throw away food, you may be buying too much. Consider scaling back and only buying what you know you’ll use. Planning recipes in advance is a great way to do this! Lastly, reuse, reuse, reuse. If you do find that you have packaging, glass jars, bottles, or shopping bags lying around, get creative and find a way to use them. For example, grocery bags can double as trash bags, plastic to-go containers are perfect for sending friends and family home with leftovers, and glass bottles can double as flower vases or storage containers. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hoping to do a complete bathroom remodel or just a few renovations, we highly recommend that you consult a designer before beginning your project. The designers at Kitchen & Bath Ideas have a combined 100+ years of experience to help make your dream home both functional and affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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