Blue is back. And why not? It comes in so many shades and tones and can be combined with other colors to complete a bold, striking look. It has practically endless versatility. So whether you prefer a cosmopolitan style, something spirited or even refreshing, chances are you’ll achieve your dream kitchen when you bring blue into the design.


Did you know? A survey by Dulux Paints found that the world’s most popular color is blue! In fact, 42 percent of males and 30 percent of females agree it is their favorite color. The reasons are immeasurable, but maybe it has something to do with blue’s tendency to bring about feelings of tranquility, relaxation, opulence, magnificence, and spaciousness. And if you’re looking for ways to incorporate these feelings into your home, here are 5 ways you can bring blue into your kitchen.


1. Let’s start with cabinets

Introduce blue into your kitchen by painting your cabinets a medium to dark shade. You could go all out and paint all your cabinets blue, or choose to paint only the top cabinets or bottom cabinets. Whatever you decide, blue is a calming color and will give your kitchen a relaxing feel. And here’s a bonus: If your floors or countertops are hardwood, warmer shades of blue will beautifully complement the wood by bringing out the natural, warm tones in the grain.


2. Let the appliances’ hue describe you

Which blue are you? Whether you’re whimsical or elegant or something in between, why not let your appliances reflect your personality? For a light-hearted effect, choose pale or baby blue appliances. Stronger shades, like medium to dark blue, show gracefulness, introspection, or opulence. Regardless of which hue you choose, one thing’s for certain, you’re kitchen will pop.


3. Choose an isle of blue

Your kitchen island is just that--an island. It’s separate from your cabinets and appliances, so treat it that way. Experiment here. The island may be the easiest element to change if you decide to do something new in 10 years. The island is already a focal point where people love to gather, right? So dress it up in a relaxing blue. You can even take it beyond meal prep and make it part of your living space. Try painting the island’s cabinets blue or installing a blue countertop with hardware to match. Then use it for your coffee klatch, as a game table, or a workspace.


4. Create a standout backsplash

Consider making the backsplash the focal point of your kitchen. Try solid blue tiles and a contrasting grout that makes them pop. You might even want to match the grout to your countertops to bring in the entire color scheme. Or for more subtlety, mix blue tiles with earth tone tiles, then use blue accents in other areas of your kitchen for emphasis.


5. Accentuate the positive

When it comes to incorporating accents, there are so many choices. You may want to keep it simple and choose blue hardware for your cabinets and doors, blue dishes, or a blue tablecloth and dish towels. Or maybe you’ll want something that stands out more, like blue chairs, a blue tabletop, or blue window treatments. If you want more color, consider how you might use blue in your flooring, either a solid blue or with an assortment of neutral colors. You might also think about painting your walls blue or just paint one as an accent wall.      

Final Thoughts

A kitchen remodel is no small job, but it remains one of the most popular for so many reasons. We all want a relaxing, comfortable kitchen that reflects our personality and caters to our needs. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, it is strongly recommended you consult with a designer before beginning any major renovation, and the designers at Kitchen & Bath Ideas have a combined 100+ years experience. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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