Crafting a truly bespoke kitchen design can be a difficult task. Once you've worked out exactly what you need from your kitchen and know the style you want to create, you're only half way there. The unique touches you add will always make or break the success of your finished kitchen. Here are a few original and bespoke ideas you might not have considered.
A breakfast bar is a great alternative to a standard table. You can also get them custom built to ensure they fit in perfectly with your other surfaces and appliances. This can create a really sleek space with an ultra modern twist.
A kitchen island is slightly different in that it's completely separated from your other surfaces, usually positioned in the middle of the room. You can create a bespoke kitchen island by fitting a sink or set of cupboards to suit your specific needs. Again, this adds character to your kitchen and is excellent for sitting around on social occasions.
To go with a breakfast bar or kitchen island, how about bar stools? Bar stools add an element of fun to any kitchen and are a nice alternative to clunky chairs. You can also free up a lot of room because bar stools take up only a small amount of floor space. They're also becoming far more popular meaning there are a wide range of designs and styles to choose from.
Always think about the small details when it comes to bespoke kitchen design. Every door handle is as important as the major appliances you put in when it comes to the impact of your kitchen. The little touches you do at the end will surprise you when you see the difference that extra effort makes.