Homeowners today have exciting new options for bathroom design as a result of imagination and advances in technology. Your bathroom can be as functional or luxurious as you want, customizing everything down to the last detail and adding high-quality lighting, sound and color. A growing trend is, in fact, to design the bathroom as a secondary living room. Due to major plumbing advances, under-sink cabinets used to hide piping are no longer needed, opening up new design possibilities.
Since fixtures come directly out of the wall, a sink can be placed on a platform such as a walnut panel or rock slab or even on a dresser. If you want your sink to look like artwork, consider different colors, shapes and materials like glass, ceramic or stainless steel. For a sleek look, place the sink on top of a console or a slim dining table. Chrome legs add a high-tech touch. Installing shelving underneath for soaps and towels will minimize countertop clutter. If you have a busy family bathroom and need a more practical design, you may want to install a vanity combo with two sinks.
Whirlpool tubs and steam showers immediately come to mind when creating a truly relaxing bathing experience for your home, but there are other luxury options you may want to consider as well. These include a shower body dryer that will dry your entire body without the use of a towel, remote controls for bath temperature and jet pressure, and faucets with infra-red sensors for hands-free operation. You could also add a toilet with a heated seat and built-in bidet or a mirror with touchscreen capability for TV and Internet.
Upgrade your vanity with a top made of marble, ceramic tile, quartz composite or natural or engineering stone. Consider a furniture-style cabinet with a rich finish that has ample drawer and storage space and features distinctive hardware. Choose a faucet color or finish such as pewter, brushed chrome, pearl nickel or polished brass.
In terms of atmosphere, consider adding a sound system to provide music or nature sounds, dimmers to adjust lighting, or a chaise lounge with a matching ottoman for holding reading material and coffee cups. Express yourself by covering the walls with stripes, metallics or bold colors or by choosing a theme such as retro or Victorian and adding appropriate accessories.
Last but not least, make your bathroom as safe as it is beautiful by adding safety features such as heavy-duty grab bars, non-slip surfaces, faucets with scald-guard protection and easily accessible showers and tubs.