Acclaimed designer Jason MacLean designed this beautiful minimalistic kitchen. The blue cabinets just POP!It really goes to show you how two colors in one kitchen can really pop. The blue from the cabinets really compliment the yellow in the dinette set. This British designer knocked another kitchen out of the park with a minimalist vibe yet featuring vivid blue bespoke cabinets and a super fun tile floor. The yellow chairs are a striking addition and OMG the lighting!

How good does that blue look against the white, black, and grey tile? The tile work is also genius, it meshes the classic look while being modern at the same time.
The lines on the cabinets look so clean, this is a great example of minimal design. The grey trim border on the cabinets also makes a seamless transition into the tile. 
These cabinets show you don't need fancy hardware or handles to look classy and modern. Notice the metal insert behind the hole cut out, further tying together the blue and grey transition from the cabinets to the tile.