Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen is the focal point of the home. It’s the first place loved ones gather in the morning before embarking on their day, and the first place they return to after a long day’s work. With the distractions of the modern age, it can be the only place you sit with family facing each other, filling your bellies, and talking about your lives. With that in mind, it deserves all the TLC you can give it! Here are the top 5 kitchen design tips for 2019:

Smart kitchens

If building your kitchen from the ground up, you may be incorporating smart technology into every aspect. Faucets, lighting, appliances… they can all be smart! Even older kitchens can be transformed into smart kitchens. Easy add-ons include: motion sensor faucets, coffee makers programmed to be hot and ready as soon as you wake up, refrigerators that alert you when you’re low on groceries, a lighting system you can control with your smartphone or tablet, and more! In today’s technological age the options are thrilling, and plenty.


Quartz countertops remain popular for high-end kitchens. They’re durable, anti-microbial, and super easy to maintain. Plus, they look gorgeous and come in a wide variety of colors and swirling patterns-- current favorites are neutral greys and creams. Also growing in trend are composite sinks, i.e., sinks made from the same material as the countertop!

Functional kitchen storage

To eliminate wasted space, homeowners are turning to functional cabinetry solutions. Things like drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, pull-out spice racks, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, and wastebasket cabinets for trash and recyclables are turning awkward cabinets into clean, organized storage units.

Multipurpose kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have become centerstage of the kitchen. More and more you’ll see kitchen islands boasting storage solutions, under-counter appliances, and stools for casual dining/drinking. Open floor plans will have the island sharing space with the living room so as not to take up too much space in the kitchen and encourage family time in both rooms.

Dark cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are on the outs, and blues, greens and jewel tones are on their way in! More and more you’ll be seeing black, plum, navy, and emerald green make an appearance in 2019 kitchens. These beautiful, rich pops of color bring elegance and luxury to the modern kitchen, but be careful to balance it out with other bright colors or appliances so it doesn’t feel too dramatic.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re building your kitchen from the ground up, or simply making a few tweaks to enhance it as you move into 2019, these tips can help you on your way!


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